Cowgirl Crazy Camp August 12-15, 2019

  • $450 per camper – Girls 11-15 years old– Three and one half days, and three nights of summer horse fun with friends – Campers are assigned a horse partner and are responsible for all care of that animal, including feeding, grooming and stall cleaning twice daily – Girls also work with a partner to prepare and clean up one meal, participate in art activities, have lots of outdoor ranch fun, and go on a trail ride and have a picnic in the woods – Preregistration required, with $150 deposit. *8 participants




Horse Crazy Camp June 18-20, 2019        9:00-1:00pm

This exciting day camp offers students ages 6-12 a fun-filled 3 day experience. Opportunities include learning about horses through grooming, leading, riding, writing and art workshop, and a horsey knowledge station that includes; equine related history math and science. Students meet at Clover Haven from9:00-1:00pm.

Registration fee is $250 per week, only 12 spots in camp so preregistration is important.

    •  To register, call 541-562-1257.