Meet the Herd



His real name is Dakota, but we all call him Dak. He is about 11 years old (in 2012), and has some Quarter Horse ancestry. Dak is calm, attentive, forgiving — a good steady guy. Dak has participated in all Clover Haven programs and is looking forward to the upcoming season.


G. G.

G.G.’s name is from “Giraffe Girl.”  She is a tall and lovely Tennessee Walker mare, born in 2004.  Very curious, social, and gentle, G.G. participates in the riding and groundwork programs at Clover Haven.

Donated by Linda and Lloyd Reagan


Piper is a Halflinger born in 2009 in Iowa, she has been with us since 2015. She is tenacious, curious and very loving, especially for children. She is a perfect beginner horse, her willing attitude makes her a favorite pick for all the programs.

Rest in Peace December, 2018

Donated by Jerry Jordan in 2015




Wanda is a registered Morgan mare born in 2002 from Wallowa County. She has come to love being a part of our programs and has a special place in her heart for adolescent girls.

Graciously donated by Steven and Melinda Wells in 2017