Why Horses?

Horses don’t lie – they always tell the truth with their bodies.  The human has to learn to speak honestly and confidently with his or her own body language. And ultimately, this means that confidence can’t be an act. It has to be real. ~ Chris Irwin

To horses, emotion is neither good nor bad ; it’s simply information.Their innate aptitude for resonating with another being’s trust, joy, or confidence is a life-enhancing skill. ~ Linda Kohanov

Horses feel when they see.  They pay less attention to individual details like the face or voice, and take in the energy radiating from the whole being. ~ Imke Spilker

Horses have a full range of feelings and personalities.  They show us their intelligence and intuition through the languages of breath and movement. They are social and emotional animals that react and respond to members of their herd and to humans.

Horses live in the present moment.  They do not worry about the past, contemplate the future, or hold grudges. They exhibit emotional agility and can move from being hypervigilant to calm quickly and fluidly. They mirror our ability to stay in the now.

Horses read our intentions and motivations  and detect when we are not being honest with what we are truly feeling. They can reflect for us when we are being authentic and congruent and when we are feeling one way inside and showing another emotion on the outside.